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About Us

We are a small, home based company in Rio Rancho, New Mexico.  Myself and my Family are dedicated to providing quality, unique and personalized products.  All of our products are handcrafted and produced at time of order.  This is one way of ensuring fresh and individualized merchandise which no one else can offer. Greffet Candles is not just a candle company, we offer a large selection of custom quality products for your House and Body.  We believe your order should be as unique as you!


You name it and we can provide it. Greffet Candle products offer you a new way of shopping.  All our products offer a high degree of customization and personalization.  All our products are made to order.   Color, size, scent or any other specifics you may request are all options at your disposal.  


Greffet Candles' high quality Bath and Body Products are crafted using only the finest ingredients, rivaling the most popular brands today.  Our products are scented with the same quality oils and scents used in the bath salts, making it easy to combine the soaps and salts for a simple, relaxing day spa experience right in your own home!

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My Name is Dale, I am the founder of Greffet Candle Company.  My passion for creating candles stemmed from my use of Candles. Candles for me made the perfect addition to my house, creating an atmosphere that relaxed and added a bit of sophistication to my house.  But, it seemed I was constantly buying them.  The quality was good, and the scents were wonderful, however my wallet didn't appreciate what I was doing to it! In addition to the cost, the selection for Male oriented scents weren't readily available nor was the selection that great either.  So after doing some research and experimenting with different types of wax and scents, I created a few candles that were long lasting and smelled amazing!   I realized then that now I was the one making them, and I had full control of the size, shape, colors, and scents.  That made me wonder, how many other people would love to have the same option?   That train of thought was the seed that sprouted and created what you see here.  Greffet Candle Company!
My name is Laura, I make the bath and body products. I have been making them for about 10 years. at first it was for personal use then gifts for friends, then they came back and asked to buy my products. I am very picky about the scents and oils I use in  my products. I want you to have a true spa experience created in your own home.
I'm Gabriele (Gabby) I've been hand making greeting cards for friends and family for 15 years. Folk come to me when they are looking for personalized, unique cards. All my cards are made with thought and a love for the craft. We give you a wide variety to choose from. My cards make a great compliment to any of the other products we sell. Or just a special occasion for that special someone. 

 Greffet Candle Company is a Veteran Owned company